A Heady Brew Liner Notes

Hee Ow by Dorothy of the Day (2010)
From the New Weird Berlin compilation, which sadly does mostly NOT sound like this track.

Away Around This by S (2010)
I’m very impressed by S and her songwriting. the whole album is like this: multi-tracked, clean electric guitar, but no bass and drums. Sorta has a demo-ish quality to it but the earnenstness of the vocals shine through even harder this way.

Summer Mood by Best Coast (2010)
I think I might have heard that this is Los Angeles’ current it band, but maybe I just read some press release. I’m still on the fence about her insistence on repeating every line four times, but I still like this song.

We’re All Going To Die by Club 8
No denying it but you really don’t expect to here from a Swedish girl singing over afro-pop, do you?

If It Feels Alright by Woven Bones (2010)
I actually really dig the fact that this sounds just like the Jesus and Mary Chain, who I’ve started listening to again for the fisrt time in years.

Walk In The Park by Beach House (2010)
I totally want to sing along with this song. I just find it catchy as hell and at the same time haunting.

Cannibal Dolls by Land of Giants (1982)

Here’s a synth-hpop gem from Canada. This was the A side of a single that was this groups only release until recently when it was re-issued on CD with a bunch of unreleased demo recordings. I can’t tell you how often  the off kilter melody from this song is stuck in my head. Ask my wife, she’ll tell you I’m constantly muttering on about the valley of the cannibal dolls. WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has more about Land of Giants

Himbeereis by Aloa (1982)
Another quirky synth-pop (o.k., maybe it’s more like “minimal-wave”) track from 1982. This time by a German band. I really like the sweet and sour aspect of this one, how its dark and repetitive but quirky, too.

I’m Not Going by Mychael Danna & Rob Simonsen (2009)
This is a gorgeous little piece from the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack.

This Unfolds by Four Tet (2010)
This is pretty fantastic, no?

Silberstreif by Michael Rother (1982)
And to acknowledge Fout Tet’s debt to Kraut Rock we go into a wonderful track from the man behind who was essentially one half of Neu! and one third of Harmonia.

Zoo by Q4U (1981)

An Icelandic Punk and post-punk band with spunk!

You by Delta 5 (1980)

“Who took me to the Wimpy for a big night out? You!”

Forgive And Forget by Zoo Boutique (1982)

So the singer is aping Phil Oakey (of the Human League) and the lyrics are cheese but I dig thegroove/production of the verse!

Decay by Figures on a Beach (1983)

This makes me want to do a funny eighties dance.

Foreplay by Home Service

Looks like there two bands with this name: The first (his one)releasing three singles in ’79/80 and another one that released a number of albums between 1983 and 1987.

Low Shoulder by Toro Y Moi (2010)

This reminds me of the first time I heard The Russian Futurists. And that’s a good thing.
Piper blue by Mick Karn  (1982)

Mick Karn is a kick ass fretless bass and woodwind player, mostly known for playing said instruments in the new wave group Japan. He also collaborated with Peter Murphy under the band name Dali’s Car and he played bass on Gary Numan’s album Dance, on which Gary tried hard to sound like Japan plus a whole lot of other compilations and session appearances. Theis is the last track of his first solo record, Titles.

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